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my work :

TULUKKAP ANERSAAVA is Greenlandic and means the Spirit of Raven. Her  little brother, the crow, has been accompanying me for a long time, and on my journeys through Alaska and Canada, and in Greenland, I have made friends with
Heelah and Tulugaq, the raven there in the far north. On my journeys to myself I have met Hugin and Munin, the raven of our ancestors - so I found the name for my works.
From Raven the stories tell that she gave man the fire
and has also given them the responsibility for this.
Tulugaq helps me kindle the fire in the hearts of people and help them to find their destiny.
In this spirit, my medicine is born and my work is growing with fire and smoke and shamanic plants and the spirits of the animals.
All the objects of power are individual pieces made by my own.
The raw material for my work I collected in nature. I also get 
some from friends, hunters or traders. Important for me is to stay connected with my spiritual attitude - respect for Mother Earth, the belief in the Great One and the awe to the spirits of animals, plants and stones.
My work reflects the spirit of beings that the Great One has created - which went on in the cycle of life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I honor with my amulets from their bones, teeth and
claws the spirit of the animals - they live in them further. With their strength they support the carrier - as totem, as power animal, as animal spirit - as medicine.
Objects from parts of 'legally' protected creatures have the needed document

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