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Welcome to my Website Tulukkap Anersaava



Power -, ceremonial objects and amulets have always played an

important role in connecting with spiritual worlds. For thousands of years animals, plants and mineral have been gates there.

We use them shamanically, we adorne ourselves with them.


                         … they are a mirror of our soul …


           As a medicine they support us on our way to ourselves.


Through exchanging on many levels I help you to find the right one for you

              - I create it and accompany you on your way there.

This can be talks, a shamanic trip at the fire in nature or an order on the Internet.

Perhaps it is the amulet from the bone of an animal, a feather, a stone …

Perhaps it is the shaker from skin of wild boar, a smoke fan from the

wing of the swan, a drum of horsehide … maybe a certain plant will call you ....


                Begin your journey to your spiritual roots and your destiny !

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