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Fire and Smoke

Years ago, at a spring ceremony in the Black Forest, I received a smoking ceremony from the Tuvinian Shaman Bumdaari Schinke, which I perform at the beginning of Gatherings when time, space and energy are right.

We give you the smoke :
For good looking
For good hearing
For good smelling
For good speech
For good reasoning.
We give you the smoke :
For good action
And so you always go well on Mother Earth.
We give you the smoke :
For good feeling - so you can touch the people you touch
In good way.
By smoking, we connect with a tradition from which no one knows when it began ...
In the Tuukkaq circle, a spiritual long-term education with Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, I am guarding the sweat lodge fire. On request, I also serve as a firekeeper for other sweat lodges and smoking ceremonies.
At markets and trade fairs, I sell selected smoking products, incense bowls and smoking fans.

... Of all that we create, smoke is the only thing that dissolves before our eyes. That is why we invite the smoke to us - because the smoke will take away everything that does not belong to us ... Aanakasaa (Inuitheilerin, Angaangaq's grandmother)  

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