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Hunting and Collecting

Since the beginning, we hunt animals and collect plants and everything Mother Earth gives us for our food, clothing, tools, living space. In earlier times this ensured the survival of our ancestors - they were existential and therefore spiritually connected with the animals and plants, and thus also with all beings of the earth. They were a direct and conscious part of all their circuits. This is also reflected in their hunting and collecting ceremonies: hunters and collectors purified themselves, physically and spiritually. They asked the spirit of the animals and plants for permission - the animals gave themselves to them, and also the plants. They honored animal and plant spirits through sacrifices and thanksgiving ceremonies. They tried to preserve the livelihoods of all beings as much as possible, knowing that their children would come after them.
In the Neolithic period, people gave this way of life to the new domestic animals and field crops. Thus our ancestors lived ten thousand years, and many indigenous people still today.

Since the beginning of Christianity, this integration into nature has changed, only slowly, in the Middle Ages ever faster and since the industrialization at a rapid pace ... and today?

Today nature is exploited commercially, only to our sole advantage - Mother Earth is only a raw material supplier! We overwhelmed the oceans, we tortured the animals in masses and slaughterhouses and contaminated the land, the earth by "modern" agricultural management. We have forgotten that we are part of the natural cycles. This can be seen in our dealings with the fellow creatures of our earth: animals are hunted only because of their trophies. Commercial poaching brings many animals to the brink of extinction. And the legal hunt has degenerated into defending the habitats we dispute the animals with the weapon. We transform the habitat of our fellow creatures into agricultural deserts.

When we return to the spiritual life of our ancestors, we can gain a new approach to our own roots. We learn to move around in nature, as part of it - we learn to feel their laws again. We get healthy meat and healthy plants for our food, we get skins, horn, bones, feathers for natural clothing and powerful jewelry. We will receive the earth for our children - as a paradise.

In this spirit, I create my medicine - for people who are thinking back to their true destiny ... to be a responsible, spiritual part of our earth.
May my works support their bearers with their strength on their way!


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